Personal Firearms Instruction, Inc. (PFI), is a firearms training company created to present comprehensive defensive firearms training to private citizens, law enforcement and military personnel.



Shortly after moving to Northern Colorado in the fall of 2011, I saw a need for quality firearms instruction for the public, especially in the area of concealed carry. Honestly, the state mandated “four-hour” lecture/class, is simply insufficient to give anyone the confidence and skills needed to carry a loaded firearm for their self-defense. Even from a course that offered an “hour” or “four” additional hours of “range time.”

I have been told that I can make lots of money giving four hour lectures, hand students certificates, and send them on their merry way. There are plenty of ‘instructors’ in the industry who will do just that. And they’re not hard to find. My conscious will not allow me to do that.

Being an all encompassing firearms training company, PFI goes far beyond mere “shooting” instruction. PFI strives to bring the “Best Practices” of contemporary defensive shooting training to its curriculum. This will ensure students are mentally aware and tactically efficient for any lethal threat decision and are prepared for its aftermath.


Serious Training…


PFI’s training philosophy is founded in defensive shooting for personal life-threatening defense. Training to defend your life and the lives of loved ones is as serious as it gets. PFI courses are not plinking, recreational/bullseye shooting, hunter safety, “zombie” shooting, or “cold range” competition training. Students, from first time shooting beginners to experienced training veterans, will be challenged to raise their expectations and competence with their chosen firearm(s).


“PFI will train each student as though their life depends upon it, because it does!”
-Third tenant of PFI’s Mission Statement-


PFI does not give “shooting/marksmanship” training solely. In reality, anyone can teach themselves how to “shoot” a gun. Though a substantial amount of live-fire is included with each course; a large portion of our training progresses a student through mind-set/mental awareness, physical/situational awareness, gun-handling/weapon manipulation, tactics, problem-solving, and the post-shooting/legal realities of personal, lethal self-defense.

PFI’s goal is to introduce students to solid defensive firearms training to advance their abilities and become “Operators;” the level of training to confidently, efficiently, and tactically use firearms to save your life and the lives of others in any environment.


…for Serious Decisions


The era of saying you live in a “safe neighborhood,” is long gone. The ever evolving and more violent, criminal sub-culture has imbedded itself throughout our society. One only has to watch the evening news to see it.

In my 30-plus years in law enforcement I never met a felon who used a map to determine where a “safe neighborhood” was and stayed away. I took statements from several bleeding, surviving victims of violent crimes who had felt safe in their home and neighborhood. As I saw first hand and experienced, evil will find you. Evil has to find you or a loved ones only once. The fact is, violent, criminal predators are always seeking victim(s).

The decision to use a firearm for personal defense can never be taken lightly. Possessing, carrying, and using firearms for self-defense is your legal right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and state laws. And with these rights come great responsibilities!

Anyone possessing and/or carrying a firearm to defend their person and loved ones, owes it to themselves to not just be as proficient with their chosen firearm as possible. But, one needs to also understand the physical, psychological, emotional, and legal ramifications of such decisions.

As the mere owning of a guitar doesn’t make you a musician, the mere owning/carrying of a firearm does not make you a proficient, decisive shooter. That’s the difference between a Pretender and a Realist. And the skills needed to save your life have to come forth “on demand;” there is no warm-up.

Only your decision to experience and maintain competent, relevant defensive firearms training will give you the advantage in a lethal self-defense scenario.

In reality, all responsible gun owners need to use two of their most precious commodities to ensure they’re properly trained and prepared: time and money. Your time to take the training to acquire and maintain skills; and your money for the training and equipment.

Current events have at times, brought us higher prices and empty shelves for firearms and ammunition. But, this is still a very necessary expense for you and your family’s safety.



Though a primary focus of PFI is training for concealed carry certification, and continued/updated handgun training for current permit holders. Additional advanced training is also available and can be arranged. And all handgun courses are open for students not desiring a concealed carry permit.

Continued training, to maintain your proficiency with all of your defensive firearms, is just as important. Telling yourself, “I had training (fill in the blank) number of years ago,” just doesn’t cut it. That’s the reality!

The maxim, “all skills are perishable,” holds true today as it has throughout history. And those skills require regular training. That’s an absolute! Foundational skills need to be reinforced, and advanced skills learned.

In addition to handgun courses, training in defensive shotgun, and carbine/rifle from the introductory to advanced levels, is also available. In all disciplines intermediate and advanced courses include low-light/night shooting.

Women only courses can be arranged. Any course can be presented to Law Enforcement only groups. And custom courses can be designed for the specific training needs of your group.

Instruction can be arranged on a one-on-one basis or for private groups. Scheduling for courses and coaching is available for weekdays and weekends. Please see the Courses page for information.

My many years (see About Us page) as a firearms and tactical trainer has given me a solid foundation to teach students in the art of defensive shooting and necessary tactics. My students have included first time shooting civilians; experienced law enforcement officers on the local, state and federal level; and combat veteran military personnel.

No matter the individual or group before me, honing each student’s skills to improve their odds in a lethal confrontation is my utmost priority!

Consider PFI for your firearms training needs.

Thank you!

/Tom Burris