Before I retired from LAPD I was asked to write an article on a topic I discussed with Dave Smith, a primary instructor for the Street Survival Seminars. This is my contribution to the field of law enforcement training on the national level:

"Where You From?"



As both a student and instructor in the arts of defensive firearms training for a few decades, I have learned one must stay up on what is current in the field. Here are a few literary works that are part of my library. These books are highly recommended to all of my students.

John Farnam of DTI, has been my instructor, friend, colleague, and mentor for almost 30 years. He is a highly sought after instructor and subject matter court expert. John is usually listed in any list of the top five professional shooting instructors. His books are solid foundations for the training of defensive handgun and long guns.

Street-Smart Gun Book

The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning

The Farnam Method of Defensive Shotgun and Rifle Shooting

Guns & Warriors

Vicki Farnam, John’s wife, has become a highly sought after instructor in her own right. Her studies and experiences in the field of defensive firearms training for women are becoming a standard for women students and their instructors.

Teaching Women to Shoot

Women Learning to Shoot

My training experience with Scott Reitz, of ITTS, Inc., started while still with LAPD. Scotty’s experience as a long time LAPD SWAT Team element member and his years as the unit’s primary firearms and tactical instructor is second to none. It was his leadership that created what is known to some as LAPD’s “Gun Fighter School.” His operational experience is difficult to match and has become an internationally sought after SWAT instructor. Scott has been my instructor, confidant, and mentor for almost 30 years.

The Art of Modern Gunfighting, by Scott Reitz


The use of ballistic containment has become a highly needed piece of equipment for ALL firearms owners! The prevention of accidental discharges from becoming “inadvertent hits” is advantageous to everyone.

Steve Camp, of Safe Direction, Inc., has created such a system that should be part of every gun owners household and equipment bag. Steve is a long time friend and colleague who has designed and produced various ballistic containment items that I use in my house and carry in my range bag. Safe Direction products are highly recommend for EVERY gun owner.