PFI welcomes anyone desiring defensive firearms training. Due to the handling and firing of firearms there are requirements for all students. These requirements are in place to ensure student safety and follow current laws.

PFI provides a vital service with each training course. But, PFI is a business and is run as such to ensure that our training continues. With that, the following policies are in place to ensure a smooth operation of our training courses and business practices.

A primary requirement for ALL students is that they follow instruction in the safe and tactical skills of gun handling.

Age Limits: PFI loves children and our seniors. But, the reality of defensive firearms training may cause physical difficulties for some under 18 and for some 70 and over. Please see below policy for anyone under 18 years of age. For students 70 and over, please contact PFI for the possibility of one-on-one instruction.



• Be a United States Citizen or Legal U.S. Resident (Due to ITAR regulations,, regarding weapons training, only American citizens or legal residents are accepted to participate in PFI courses at this

• Minimum of 18 years of age

• No previous criminal history that disallows the owning, possession and/or use of

• Not currently wanted for any crime

• Not currently on parole or probation (summary, informal, or formal) from any court in

• Not named on any indictment and/or restraining order from any court

• Not suffering from any emotion or mental condition and/or illness that would make firearms training unsafe for themselves or others

• Any student committing repeat safety violations or is unsafe with their firearm(s) will be ordered from the range. There will be no tuition refund. PFI will decide if the student needs personalized training for improvement

• No alcohol or drug (legal or illegal) use, or being under the influence, is allowed anytime during training. Anyone deemed impaired will be ordered from the range and no refund will be given.

• No audio or video recording of any type allowed during any PFI course.



PFI strongly encourages and welcomes firearms training for children/teenagers (i.e. anyone under 18). Generally, students from 14 years and up can handle the course instructions. PFI reserves the right to allow children/teenagers in any course on a case-by-case basis. In addition to the above student requirements, the following policies:

• Shall be a U.S Citizen or a U.S. Legal Resident (the same ITAR regulations above

• The student wants to be in the course

• The student displays a mature demeanor

• The student comprehends the instruction

• The student accepts criticism

• Prior junior hunter safety course certification is desirable but not required

• A parent or legal adult guardian SHALL be present for the entire course

If PFI determines any student is unable to follow or complete the training with a class he/she will be scheduled for a one-on-one session to complete the instruction.

All of PFI’s courses and training require a student to carry their firearm(s); handguns in holsters and long guns with slings. And will require students to be on their feet for long periods. If any student has any physical condition that makes that difficult please contact PFI to ensure accommodation.

No student is allowed to consume nor be under the influence of alcohol, or any prescribed or non-prescribed drug and/or narcotic during any course. Anyone determined to be impaired or under the influence of alcohol or any drug/narcotic will be dismissed from the remainder of the course. And no refund will be given.



A student’s reservation for a course is guaranteed once the tuition is paid in full before the course start date. All deposits, tuition, and related fees are NOT REFUNDABLE.

For Private Instruction sessions, students need to pay for the first two hours (minimum) of $100.00, before any range reservations are made and confirmed.  Once the student determines the length of the session, the balance is due three days before the scheduled session.  Remember, there are no certificates issued for hourly Private Instruction sessions.

At this time PFI accepts only checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders made to the order of:

Personal Firearms Instruction, Inc.; or
PFI, Inc.

Please send all correspondence to:

737 S. Lemay Avenue, Suite B4-336
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Note: There is an additional $25.00 fee for all returned checks. PFI will not issue any certificate for any unpaid tuition/fees. And PFI reserves the right to use any legal means to obtain/recover fees for any and all services rendered.



PFI understands that we all have busy schedules and multiple personal/family obligations. Courses are planned with the expected students which causes PFI to make range reservations for that size of group, obtain equipment/supplies, and hire extra staff if needed. But, sometimes a student may need to reschedule a course.

Some courses may have waiting lists so any last minute cancellations makes it difficult for PFI to fill vacancies. Every student needs to decide that the chosen course fits their schedule. And it is incumbent upon every student to ensure their commitment to attend their selected training course.

When your tuition is paid in full for a class, your credit is good for six months from the original class date as long as you notify us at least ONE WEEK in advance that you cannot attend. Those who have not given us at least ONE WEEK of notice or do not show up at the class will lose their credit and have to purchase the class again at the full price.  Your deposit is good for the course you originally paid for. Deposits are not transferable to another course. For instance, if you sign up for a Defensive Handgun I course you cannot transfer it to a Defensive Rifle I course.



Always be prepared to train in any type of weather; sunshine, rain, or snow. PFI will only cancel a course for weather when it is unsafe for students. That may include: blizzard warning/conditions, severe lightning and thunderstorms, severe winds, tornado warnings, etc. Any cancelled training time will be rescheduled.

All of PFI’s policies are subject to change. Please check regularly.