Women are encouraged and welcomed to attend any PFI course.

Sadly, there are some “women’s” shooting courses taught by instructors who believe the skills and expectations need to be lowered or dumbed down for female students. Where women have to shoot small caliber, ‘pink’ or ‘powder blue’ handguns, with reduced recoil ammunition.

PFI does not hold those beliefs!

Once a female is properly instructed in the nuances of defensive shooting, her skills will be par with any other student. PFI has experience of training female students (e.g. police officers) and will use that experience to ensure female students are properly trained.

PFI can arrange women only classes for any group of female students wishing a class of their own. The course goals and requirements will remain the same. The instruction will be presented to the realities faced by the female student.

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Equipment Checklist

Before your course, be sure to refer to the Equipment Checklist to get acquainted with required and optional equipment required for your course.



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