PFI’s president, Tom Burris, is a retired Sergeant of the Los Angeles Police Department, with 31 years of service. The vast majority of his career was spent as a patrol officer and patrol supervisor. With assignments to Narcotics, Air Support, and Training Divisions.

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For over 20 of those years, Tom was a firearms and tactics instructor who trained hundreds of Department patrol and detective personnel on the divisional level. He is a graduate of LAPD’s Handgun Instructor Training School (HITS), Shotgun Instructor Training School (SITS), and the Urban Police Rifle (UPR) School.

He was a long time member of the LAPD UPR cadre, and the Tactical Slug Shotgun (TSS) cadre. And Tom was an instructor on LAPD’s original less lethal, “Bean-Bag” Shotgun staff.

Tom is a graduate of The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Police Firearms Instructor Course; and the National Rifle Association Police Firearms Instructor Course.

The majority of PFI’s courses are developed from Tom’s personnel LAPD training and experience. And his years of actual experience, training hundreds of LAPD personnel.

Tom was fortunate to be an Affiliate Instructor for Defense Training International (DTI) for over twenty years. That has given him the opportunity to assist with training hundreds of civilian, law enforcement and military personnel.

During his career Tom’s personal involvement in the use of lethal force and present at dozens of lethal force incidents gives his training a dose of reality. And his supervisory involvement in the investigation of dozens more such incidents gives insight to the need for training; and the administrative, legal, and emotional aftermath of such experiences.

All regular PFI courses are relevant and open to any law enforcement officer of any jurisdiction, rank, or tenure; with a few prerequisites.

PFI can adapt any course to an agency’s training needs to include a department’s specific policies and procedures. Firearms training can include from primary and back-up handgun, shotgun, and rifle; to personnel needing remediation for qualification purposes.

The tactical foundations can be applied to vehicle stops, building searches, warrant service, etc.

Whatever the training needs, PFI’s goal is to give all law enforcement students the advantage in any lethal, or less-lethal, scenario.


Please contact PFI for inquiries regarding custom courses for law enforcement.