091112_neverforget_20120911_083640September 11, 2001, I will NEVER FORGET.

NEVER FORGET the 2,977 victims who lost their lives on that day.

My God, another year, another remembrance.

Once again, we are remembering the ‘Pearl Harbor’ of our time.  Just as our parents told us where they were on the Sunday morning of December 7, 1941.  We now tell our story from that Tuesday morning 15 years ago.


We must always remember that these heinous acts were the result of not being at war with members of the “religion of peace” who had declared war on us.  Referred to by many as a  9/10 Mind-Set.  The nation was in Condition-White.  Sadly, a large section of the American population has slipped back into the 9/10 Mind-Set.  This includes leftist politicians, media/journalists, “celebrities,” and other useful idiots.  And obviously our current occupier of the White House has been for the past eight years…


“…We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter, and we will not fail. Peace and Freedom will prevail…”

– President George W. Bush, September 13, 2001

Remember how we all were on September 12, 2001?  Our nation was ready for a fight.  Remember how you felt?  Referred to as a 9/12 Mind-Set, we understood the need to seek justice, revenge and be prepared for such attacks in the future.  Is it easy to maintain?  Hell, no!  It takes constant introspect, mental toughness, and training.  To maintain it, one must conclude “We Are At War.”  Around the world there is a sizable group of people wanting to kill any and every one possible within out borders.  Anyone who does not realize there are people in our country right now, who want to continue what started on 9/11; they are the problem.  The War on Terror continues; no matter what our nation’s ‘leadership’ wants to call it!

Now officially named Patriots Day, September 11th is set aside to remember the victims and make the day a day of peace and service…  Americans are free to remember this day whatever way they wish.  Me?  I’m going to the range.  Then I will clean and service my carry weapons.  And recharge my magazines with fresh, high-performance ammunition.  My training never stops.  Neither should yours!


I always remember the courageous passengers on “United 93.”  Everyday Americans, from different walks of life, all on the flight for different reasons.  Once the situation unfolded, they learned the brutal reality.  They quickly understood what was at stake.  Using the democratic principle of voting, as a group, they voted to take back the aircraft by force.  They armed themselves with improvised weapons and attacked the hijackers with reckless abandon.  We now know these Americans fought those jihadi scum bastards all the way to the ground.  On that day, their act of valor prevented additional deaths and destruction on American soil.  The hijacking, decision-making, attack and forced crash all occurred in approximately 30 minutes.  The passengers understood they were on their own and had to make some serious decisions.  This was the very first counter-attack of 9/11.  And it was started by a vote of common, private American citizens.  It was…

The ultimate decision, for the ultimate sacrifice.

shanksville001In October of 2010 I had been retired for a couple of months and decided to take a road trip across America.  I eventually found myself standing at the ‘original’ United Flight 93 Memorial site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  Construction for the current memorial facility was under way in the area.  The original visitor center/museum was in a large metal shed/building that was used as the Incident Command Post (ICP) by the initial responding/arriving police and fire personnel.  Now it was staffed by local residents acting as hosts/tour guides.  All had heard/felt the crash and responded to the site.  I heard the story of the lone farmer who while sitting on his tractor watched the airliner come over his field, upside down, under 100 feet off the ground, and crash.  

The above photo was taken just after the crash; the only known photo of the crash of United 93.  The owner of the camera lived on a nearby farm east of the crash site.  Once the FBI knew of the photo, her camera was confiscated for investigative purposes.  She hadn’t seen it since.  Through the memorial site workers, the farm owners were contacted, and this retired LAPD sergeant was given permission to step on the property.  I stood on the same spot and took a picture.  Talk about emotional!  Sadly, my overly expensive digital camera malfunctioned, and the photo didn’t come out.  But, I’ll always have that memory.    

Special Note: My title for this posting is taken from the History Channel documentary of the same name.  This documentary interviews those making the important decisions that day and interviews survivors.  I highly recommend EVERY American to watch this presentation and make it part of their movie library.  

Stay Serious!




13631518_10207065326295052_5631482038258230606_nOfficer Brent Thompson, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Police Department

Officer Patrick Zamrippa, Dallas Police Department

Officer Michael Krol, Dallas Police Department

Sergeant Michael Smith, Dallas Police Department

Senior Corporal Lorne Ahrens, Dallas Police Department

End of Watch (EOW)

July 7, 2016

I offer my condolences to the men and women of the Dallas Police Department (DPD) and The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Police Department for their great losses.

Remember that date!  This date will always be embedded in American law enforcement history.


I HIGHLY COMMEND the law enforcement personnel who responded to, engaged, and ended the shooter’s actions.  Watch all of the video taken during the shooting.  Repeated Acts of Valor.  All you witness were officers running towards the shots and putting themselves in front of defenseless victims/targets.


I also want to COMMEND David O. Brown, Chief of DPD.  Chief Brown has shown true leadership during and after this trying incident.  This man can be my chief anytime!  

Note:  This has been a difficult post to initiate as the information was constantly changing.  I wanted to add much more to address the ‘anti-police’ movement that is the root cause of this incident.  But, I decided to dedicate this post to the involved officers.  More on the current state of affairs and how it affects you later.

Stay Serious!



This final installment will take us in a little different direction, but is absolutely imperative to EVERY gun owner/carrier!

So far in this series I’ve covered my perspective on the Every Day Carry (EDC) related to your weapon system and all of its necessary accouterments.

When discussing the evolution of defensive firearms training, the topic of treating Gun Shot Wounds (GSW) has become a significant topic.  Be it the result of poor gun handling on the range, or wounds received from a horde of charging Mongolians.

For many years, I always carried medical/trauma care items in my duty equipment bag for treating GSW.


In the spring of 1981, I was a recent transferee in to Central Station.  My partner and I came upon a stabbing victim on the southeast corner of 7th/Los Angeles Streets.  On my hand held radio (ROVER), I requested paramedics to respond.  Three blocks to my east at the corner of 7th/San Julian Streets, was (and still is) the Los Angeles Fire Department’s (LAFD) Station 9.  I could see the station from where I was standing.  After my request was acknowledged, it was at least 5-7 minutes before I saw LAFD Engine 9 and Rescue Ambulance (RA) 9 pull out of the station and arrive at our location to provide trauma care to our victim.

It got me thinking of the time gap for these units to get just three blocks.  My beloved city had begun one of the first, if not the first, paramedic service in the nation.  Officers were confident that their paramedics would get to them when they needed them.  Not me; I realized that time delay by itself, could easily mean life or death.

On my own, I had impromptu training sessions with LAFD paramedics for treating GSWs.  I obtained various trauma care items from them to use when the need arose.  And it did!  Years later, I used the items in my equipment bag to give aid to an officer who had been shot.  Thankfully, in the grand scheme of things, his wounds were not life-threatening and he recovered.

Later, I responded and was one of the first units at scenes where officers had grievous GSW’s,  Thankfully, those officers survived.  I decided then to advance my training and equipment.  I met with an active duty U.S. Marine combat veteran, who himself was recovering from wounds received in Afghanistan.  At that meeting I received a crash course in military battlefield trauma/GSW treatment.  I obtained military grade trauma kits and maintain them to this day and continued training.

I will grant you, I was alone in my preparations.  Officers working around me continued thinking that LAFD would always arrive in time to save the day.  It took a bunch of years but that thinking has changed and EMT training is now available for my beloved Department.  And there are now approved kits for individual officers.  Another approved kit is here.


The evolution of TTGSWs took large steps forward as the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars began.  Tactical/Battlefield Medicine has become a primary training topic.  More and more defensive firearms instructors and firearms training schools include specialized training in the area of TTGSW.  It’s usually presented as you need to treat yourself or others for GSW during a tactical/shooting scenario.

Ok, let’s play doctor!

I, like most people, had first aid training from the Red Cross.  As a boy scout/teenager I completed Basic, Advanced, and Instructor training,  And received the First Aid merit badge.  Later, there was rudimentary first aid training from my beloved Department during the Academy and some in-service training.

As training programs advanced TTGSW is presented in more and more courses.  As mentioned above, the majority of long-running shooting schools now include TTGSW in their training formats.  As example, the International School of Tactical Medicine, was founded to specialize in training for combat/shooting trauma care in a tactical combat/shooting environment.  And many instructors, such as myself included, present TTGSW it in their course curriculums.

While running my shooting/tactical training days for my beloved station, I found every combat-experienced medic and corpsmen among my divisional officers.  I had these combat veterans give very direct presentations on how to save lives of fellow officers.  My goal was for my personnel to get away from waiting for paramedics and realize they had to initiate life saving trauma care immediately.  And they needed the essential equipment then and there.  

My advice: find these veterans and learn from them!


We’re talking about GSWs so your Johnson & Johnson’s ‘knuckle-mender’ kit wouldn’t do much to quell arterial hemorrhaging.  Items that should be in your kit include: Tourniquet, Israeli Battle Dressing (IBD), Nasopharyngeal Airway, Chest Seal, Decompression Needle, Quik Clot Combat Gauze & Sponges, etc.

These will be discussed in some detail later.  But, generally we’re discussing such kits as:

Pocket-Kits – As it sounds, it’s a smaller packaged kit designed for GSW treatment, that can fit in a cargo pants pocket.

Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) – As designed for military/combat environment use; usually found in a larger pouch made to be attached to a belt, a thigh rig, or to a tac-vest.

EMT/Trauma Kit – This is a substantially stocked ‘large’ kit carried in a bag; usually kept in vehicles or homes.

Sources for various kits: North American Rescue, DTI Trauma Kit, Tactical Medical Solutions, Officer Survival Solutions.  Also, review my past posting for additional sources.


1. Take training specific to the TTGSW ASAP!

2. Maintain a substantial, well stocked trauma kit in every personal vehicle and in your home.

3. At least each adult have an IFAK.

4. Everyone should carry a “pocket” Trauma/GSW kit.

Note: This installment is NOT to be considered training information.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that EVERY gun owner experience hands-on, quality TTGSW training and maintain fully stocked trauma kits.

This topic will be discussed again in the future.  It’s too important to discuss and forget.

Stay Serious!



IMG_2026This installment continues the discussion.  So far we have a belt, holster and spare ammunition devices reviewed.  Let’s add some more stuff…


While attending the Disaster (Earthquake) Management Course at the California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI), in April 2009, part of the training simulated a major earthquake complete with sound effects and the classroom lights going out.  As soon as it went dark I grabbed my Every Day Carry (EDC) Surefire P6 flashlight, tuned it on, pointing the beam at the ceiling.  It actually lit up the classroom pretty good.  The instructor said after teaching the course for over a decade, that was the first time any student had a flashlight with them. Later, I was asked by another course student, who was non-law enforcement, why I carried a flashlight.  “Because I’m afraid of the dark,” was my quick and very honest reply.

During my career, I had a flashlight on me no matter the shift I was working.  As I tell family, friends, and students, when it’s dark, it’s dark!  It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining bright; when you’re inside a building/elevator, for example, without the lights.  As I said, dark is dark.  

SgtTom says, “have a flashlight with you AT ALL TIMES!”

Modern flashlight technology has brought us end-users some very good quality products, in compact models, with a wide range of choices.  There are numerous excellent brands to chose from.  I personally carry two flashlights.  My Surefire P6 and a Streamlight ProTac 2L are carried always.  The P6 I have carried since the light was first on the market.  It was with with me on and off-duty for several years.  My usual belt carry pouch for it has been a Comp-Tac pouch with a Tec-Lok for belt attachment; I have used other carriers.  My Streamlight ProTac 2L I usually carry in a vest pocket.

The topic of lumens, the measurement of brightness of the light, has been a debate for a while now.  I would say nothing under 600 lumens.  Some lights are now pushing 1,000 lumens.  The brighter lights tend wash-out what you’re looking at.  Something to think about.

Most modern flashlights have a strobe function.  This can be a very good function/tactic to use on approaching strangers.  

Stick with good old fashioned white-light.  The “Cool-Grey” light that’s been popular, honestly may change the color of what you’re looking at, and could pose an identification problem.


You’re right!  I just couldn’t resist using the famous scene from Crocodile Dundee.

Carrying a knife is quite common now.  It wasn’t always that way.  Even in law enforcement, just seeing an officer carrying a knife, any knife, would bring undue attention from supervision.  In my early career, knives weren’t accepted equipment.  No so anymore.  A knife worn on the pants pocket is such a common sight now, eyebrows just aren’t raised.  The same is true for the general public.

Over the years I have carried many different brands such as: Spyderco, Buck, Ka-BarEmerson, Cold Steel, Hoffner and Benchmade.  All of these brands are very good, solid quality.  

For EDC, a folding, one hand open, style knife, with a pocket clip, will serve you well.  Also, for a little more discrete carry look at a “neck carry” knife.  I carried a Cold Steel “necker” for many years while still on the job.

Important: The EDC knives mentioned here are intended for personal defense.  As such they should not be used for routine utility purposes.  If you need a knife for utility purposes, such as cutting, slicing various materials, carry a knife for those specific purposes.  Personal defense knives need to be maintained solely for that intended purpose.  That ensures the knife will maintain its sharpness and any mechanical mechanism will not be worn out.


Oleum Capsicum (OC) Spray as become a staple and practically required carry by law enforcement and non-law enforcement.  I won’t bore you with the chemical make up and such, but OC is a common EDC device.  I carry and recommend Fox Labs brand OC Spray.  When my beloved Department began issuing cans of  CN spray, the results were a lot of failures.  Then there were the CS vs CN Wars.  It was more of manufactures battling it out in advertising.

Carrying OC is Highly Recommended! 


Though not worn on the belt, identification is an EDC item.  When involved in any self-defense incident where law enforcement responds, you need to produce identification, which is generally your driver’s license.  And ensure you have your Conceal Carry Permit card with your license, if in a state that uses such cards.

Anyone practicing “Sovereign Citizenship,” I can’t help you.  Honestly, you’ll only cause undue attention to yourself without proper ID.

For all law enforcement personnel: BADGE AND ID!  Too many times I had to ID myself off-duty due to happening upon an incident that really could not be ignored.  Law enforcement responding to and handling the incident/scene want to see official police ID, especially when you’re carrying a gun.  Non-law enforcement persons are usually satisfied with a shiny badge.

Next installment will cover something usually not carried but needs to be a very important addition to you EDC list.

Stay Serious!


ORLANDO – 6/12

th“It’s Deja Vu all over again” – Yogi Berra

(12 June 16) Once again, like millions of other Americans, I awoke this morning to news of ANOTHER Islamic Terrorist mass shooting on United States soil.  Another date and city to remember.  I hate to say I told you so…

September 11th, San Bernardino, Boston, Chattanooga, Ft Hood, Milwaukee, and now…  ORLANDO!

As I type this it is being announced that this is the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.  Another record broken…

I won’t go into detail on this incident as there are plenty of experts who are being much more eloquent that I can ever be.  I will make future posts when needed.

“These victims did not deserve to be slaughtered on American soil by this jihadi scum!” – SgtTom

d3730f09-dd07-44e0-96bc-1885defa1604_800COURAGE UNDER FIRE

I want to commend the law enforcement personnel who responded and ultimately dispatched the jihadi bastard during a pitch gun battle.  This is what nightmares are made of!  For the initial responders, quick decisions needed to be made.  The decision to transport wounded in police vehicles to the nearest trauma center undoubtedly saved lives.  And the first SWAT operator through the door, an experience never to be forgotten.

Take a close look at the adjacent photo.  A ballistic helmet worn by one of the entering SWAT operators took a hit, probably from the jihadi’s rifle, and was saved.  That’s a “military” helmet.  So for those screaming about the “militarization” of law enforcement, SHUT THE HELL UP!

And don’t forget the MILITARY armored vehicle that knocked a hole through a wall to allow 30 people to escape.  So again, SHUT THE HELL UP!

We do know an off-duty police officer working at the night club did engage the shooter.  I do not know type of weapon nor rounds fired.  It’s possible the officer got into a good position which forced the shooter into a restroom where he took hiding club goers as hostages.  That there stopped most of the shooting for the time being.

There may be questions about the delay to make a crisis entry.  My take is once the shooting stops the incident becomes a barricade suspect with hostages situation.   That takes a change of gears to handle.  But, once the entry occurred, the fight was on!  

We now know that during his rampage, the shooter called 9-1-1 and was recored, for all posterity, announcing his loyalty to Daesh and its leader.  Guess ‘workplace violence’ or ‘homophobic’ excuses can’t be used by the left… 


And as usual, the current occupier of the White House continues his lip service.  Blaming guns, while promoting his version of “gun safety legislation.”  While warning against becoming “Islamophobic”  Guess, he’s more worried about us pesky “bitter” gun and religion clingers than his favorite JV team slaughtering citizens on US soil.  As expected the probable Democratic presidential nominee is right in line with her demonizing American gun owners and still can’t say “Islamic Terrorism.”  And the sprinkling of other leftist, lib, politicians and celebrities are parroting the same anti-gun and Islamophobic crap.

I have to specifically address statements made by Rep Greyson of Florida.  The incident occurred in his district.  Besides his usual anti-gun banter, he stated that the rifle involved could fire “700 rounds a minute.”  Another example of a lib perpetuating the “machine gun” lie from a mass shooting.         



Caution: some may consider the following to contain “trigger words” and “micro-aggressions.”  Please seek your “safe space” immediately to begin your “healing!”

Do you think this jihadi bastard chose Orlando’s “premiere gay nightclub” just because he didn’t like to see two men kissing in Miami; so this bastard’s father has stated.  Around the world practitioners of the “religion of peace” has been executing any and all gays they can find.  Even Islamic “leaders” within Florida have been quoted that their sharia law commands that gays be executed.

The above photo caught my eye recently.  Yep, the religious law that the majority of members of the “religion of peace” wants to enforce over the US Constitution; calls for the execution of the same people depicted protesting against “Islamophobia.”  Guess they didn’t get the memo that gays are being thrown off buildings, beheaded, drowned, and burned alive around the world in the name of that same “religion of peace.”

Joseph Stalin referred to such ‘enlightened’ persons as “useful idiots.”  Yep, that’s what they are.  Go figure…

This isn’t over!  More will be discussed in the future.

“Wake up America, the war is here.” – Dr Sebastian Gorka  

Stay Serious!



A highlight of the recent TacOps-West Training Conference was the vendor’s show.  As you would imagine, manufactures and distributors gather to show their weapons, equipment, and other hardware that is relevant in the area of Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)/Special Operations (SpecOps).

Lots of stuff I certainly couldn’t use, nor afford.  Such as armored vehicles, robots, digital communications, hostage phones, super-duper custom sniper rifles, just to name a few.  But, I did find a few companies and items that were very relevant to individual law enforcement personnel and armed citizens.


This company (web site here), owned by an Arizona SWAT operator, specializes in entry tools such as “break-and-rakes,” rams, and windshield ‘breakers.’  All looked very well designed and solidly made.  One item that caught my eye was the MiniSpike.  A hand held, one piece tool is made to break auto glass.  Can be carried on a tac-vest, pouch, pocket, or in a vehicle.  Now you’re asking, “why do I need one of these?”  Simply, a tool to escape from your very crashed vehicle; or gain access to get someone out of a crashed vehicle.  I purchased a copy that now rests in my personal vehicle.

SB Tactical

The arena of Force-on-Force training has made a very important impact in firearms training.  Conditioning your training and tactics on living, moving adversaries cannot be accomplished very easily.  SB Tactical has developed an advanced laser system integrated into firearms to create a very realistic way to conduct Force-on-Force training.  The laser firing weapons function/recoil by COs cartridges, can be programmed for round counts, and are not considered firearms.  The firearms are integrated with ‘receiver/sensors’ in vests and headgear.  I understand my beloved Department now has this very system and is used for Academy and in-service training.  A huge advantage as it does not fire any marking rounds or eject casings that need to be cleaned up after the session.  Very important when using local schools and businesses for training sites.  This equipment can be rented and the company staff can work the equipment for training or large groups of personnel.  I urge small departments and training institutes to take a close look at this system.      

North American Rescue

While still on the job and responding to a number of scenes of officers being shot, I decided I needed to carry a trauma kit that was best suited for saving lives of my fellow officers.  One of my sources was North American Rescue.  I still carry their kits.  NAR has a wide variety of trauma kits and related equipment suited for various operational environments.

H&H Medical Corporation

A new company to me is H&H Medical Corporation.  In reality H&H has been in the combat wound/trauma care for a decade.  I inspected their kits and they appear to be well made with quality items.  The staff were all well experienced in the field of military trauma care.

SAM Medical

SAM Medical Products has been around for a long time.  Originally known for their widely used SAM Splint.  SAM has a wide variety of trauma care items and kits.


Known for their stretch-wrap-and-tuck tourniquet, SWAT-T is a proven item that is easily carried and used.  Another product that has saved lives.     

Special Note: If you’re one who carries a gun, you should be prepared physically and mentally to defend yourself from a lethal attack.  Knowing that, the possibility of you or someone close to you may be shot.  Having quality trauma equipment, and training, close at hand could be a life saver.  More of trauma/GSW kits and training will be in future posts.

Sonoran Desert Institute, School of Firearms Technology (SDI)

SDI, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers several online courses related to firearms technology, gunsmithing, re-loading, etc.  Associate of Arts degree in Firearms Technology; Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate; and Ballistics and Reloading Certificate are a few of their available courses of study.  Their set-up, instructional material, and counseling/assistance looks very promising to anyone looking to start their formal education in the firearms industry and gun-smithing arena.  The instruction walks you through the building of firearms that the student can actually keep.

These were some of the vendors who were most relevant to the end users in law enforcement and armed citizens.  I didn’t discuss specific firearms as I may discuss them in future posts.    

Stay safe!



Another course attended during the TacOps Training Conference was 4-Dimensional Firearms Defense, put on by PFC Training.  This block of instruction was held at their training facility in Las Vegas.  I was a tad worried as there was a CrossFit sign on their front door.  What the heck did I sign up for?  Though it’s one of their attached businesses, there wasn’t any over ambitious physical activity.

The instructors leading the session were all military SpecOps/combat veterans.  PFC bills this course as taking your firearms/shooting training to the next level of gunfighting.  Students go through a series of drills requiring various stationary or moving subjects to be engaged/or not, all while using training rounds.  Though this three hour block of instruction was condensed from their usual eight hour course, lots of excellent training time was experienced and valuable information was gleaned.

These drills were experienced as an individual and with a partner.  They can be set-up to be conducted with small teams.  The scenarios advance from single to multiple assailants, with and without innocent bystanders.  The “bad guy” held a striking bag, commonly used in martial arts with a silhouette target taped to the front.  The holder always wore full head protection.  Shooters used pistol and/or M-4 carbine, all loaded with Dye Marking Cartiriges (DMC) rounds.  Such munitions as Simunitions or Air Soft could be used.  Each rotation through added more adversaries, innocents, additional moving, and more decision making.

Though not a weapon retention course, the instructors showed some excellent techniques.  And a close quarters pistol striking technique was demonstrated that I had not seen before.  I’m not one to encourage using ones handgun as a bludgeon, but this technique would work very well in a scenario requiring such action.  

No photos nor video will be shown of this instruction for confidentiality reasons.


The value of this type of training is immeasurable.  It can be included in any training from basic academy to advanced SWAT training.  It’s very relevant for law enforcement, military, and armed citizens alike.

Though the budget and cost for using the number of training rounds required may be prohibitive for some.  This valuable training is well worth the expenditure.  

I will be using this training information with my future training sessions.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND interested persons to check out PFC Training and specifically their 4-Dimensional Firearm Defense course. 

Stay Serious!



While at the recent TacOps Training Conference I had he opportunity to attend a lecture presentation, “EMERGENCY RESPONSE AND THE ARMED INTRUDER.”  Conducted by The Safariland Training Group.  In law enforcement, the topic of Active Shooter Response and Tactics is at the very top of training schedules.  Always remember, it DOES NOT matter who the perpetrators of such violence are, i.e.mentally deranged, former domestic/business mates, or dedicated, Islamic jihadis, the goal is the same: kill who they target and usually as many as they can, as fast as they can, before someone (usually law enforcement) confronts them.

This block of instruction was an introduction to the group’s Train the Training course.  This course was developed to train teachers, administrators and other educational staff personnel a better way to react and respond to a mass shooting at a school.  

Their sub-title, “Training for the Unthinkable.”  We now see that killing innocents in a school is not unthinkable and has been proven to be NOT impossible.

The instructor was a retired Houston (TX) PD SWAT Team operator/supervisor.  He has instructed several school districts around the country.  One of these school district was in Newtown, Connecticut, home of Sandy Hook Elementary School.  An interesting note about that event.  We all know that the POS, wack-job who committed that disgusting crime had shot his way through the front glass door.  Staff thought the door lock capable of holding 3,000 pounds would protect them.  Also, attending that course was a Sandy Hook teacher who survived four wounds from 5.56 rounds.  Her story was riveting.

Approached with the philosophy of Run, Lock, Fight, the course shows completely untrained school personnel how to deal the best they can with such incidents.  Run away, from the shooting and escape.  Lock yourself in a room and barricade it.  And ready yourself to Fight when the shooter discovers you.

Also covered is trauma care, gun shot wound (GSW) treatment, communication, escape plans, etc.

The course has a short classroom presentation.  Then the course attendees are out in the school learning by doing.

The well known facts of such incidents are shared.  What gets peoples attention are the times involved in such instances.  Most victims are killed in the first 15 seconds.  Most incidents are over with (usually by suspect suicide) in 3 to 4 minutes.  Average law enforcement response/arrival 5 to 7 minutes.  Now that’s ARRIVAL time; not engage and neutralize the shooter time.  I have past blog postings pointing this out, as an example here.  As the ‘old’ saying goes, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away,” is a statement of fact.   

Side Note: Part of their presentation showed a local news report done recently in Colorado.  I actually saw this particular report when it was originally broadcast.  The reporter attended one of these type courses conducted in the city of Aurora.  The obviously, leftist, cowardly, reporter kept badgering the former SWAT operator conducting the course with questions such as, “isn’t someone going to get hurt or killed if they attack a shooter?”  The same questions continued ad nauseam.  Basically, this reporter who couldn’t, or worsse yet wouldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag has no spinal cord fluid to do any fighting.  So in his little world: “Be a good victim and sit still.”  And one of the teachers in attendance was a student at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.  She absolutely approved of the training!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this course to any school system in the United States.

Stay Serious!



BreachCrop-1280-MENU-BAR4The topic of continuing one’s education, especially in the given profession/field one is employed, is a usual endeavor engaged by most people.  During my career, in-service training never ceased. Some was exciting and useful.  Some was downright boring and a waste of time.

When I started PFI, as the “guy in charge,” I committed to always be up on the current information and training methods.  Yes, even in retirement I still go to ‘school.’  If you find yourself with an instructor who hasn’t attended any course to improve his/her skills; GET YOUR MONEY BACK!  The area of firearms training is constantly evolving.  Some for the good and some not.  But, you won’t know until you know!

Hence, my recent attendance at TacOps-West, in Las Vegas.  Presented for and attended by, law enforcement and military SWAT/Special Ops personnel, training sessions are related to weapons, munitions, tactics and equipment for their special missions.  There is a ‘vendors show’ displaying the current line of related equipment, etc.

I crossed paths with several current and retired officers I have worked with over the years.  And a number of manufactures and vendors of specialized equipment I have given several thousands of dollars to over the years.  And yes, they still accept my checks.  

So what the heck does SWAT/SpecOps equipment and training have to do with you?  Well, I have gleaned specific information and training curriculum that is useful to street-level law enforcement and armed citizens alike.  Anything that gives the good guys any advantage in a lethal encounter; I want to know it and share it!

In the next few blog installments I will cover some of the equipment I handled and some of the training courses/lectures I attended.  I’ll assure you absolutely no confidential info nor specific tactics will ever be posted on my open blog.

Side Note: This was NOT a gathering of police executives, staff officers or chiefs of police.  In attendance were working SWAT/Spec Ops personnel from the Western United States; with a sprinkling of us retired guys still in the training business.  So yes, we were all armed and stayed that way.  It felt good to be surrounded with like minded professional gunmen!  

Stay Serious!




A little over a month ago, we woke up to breaking news of another Islamic Terrorist Attack, this time striking in Brussels, Belgium.  It seemed every time I drafted a post, a new attack by another terrorist franchise committed another “man-made-disaster,” outdoing an earlier attack by a rival franchise.

After Brussels, multiple terror attacks in Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan, to name a few, the casualty rate created by members of the religion of peace, kept climbing.

We all have seen enough of the multitude of news stories, photos, videos, etc, of the bombings and shootings.  It’s time to step back and look at the bigger picture.  And look at how this will affect all of us.


It’s very easy to use the tale of the Trojan Horse from Greek history/mythology to describe the current affairs in Europe and the United States.  Used by the Greeks to clandestinely enter the city of Troy after lulling the Trojans into complacency after feigning their retreat.  As the people of Troy slept after a great celebration, the elite force concealed within the wooden horse, made their way out.  This force opened the gates of Troy which allowed the bulk of the Greek army to stealthily enter the city and take it without great loss.

This scenario has been used over the generations to describe those who invite their enemies into their secured positions and are conquered from within.  Sounds like present day Europe and the United States to me.


As expected, hashtags supporting the victims in Brussels have popped up on social media.  As well as the usual changing Facebook profile pictures to include the colors of the Belgium flag.  Thousands of lit candles blowing in the wind at ever growing memorials.

Honestly, the signs asking “Why?” are an indication of the future fall of Europe as we know it.  Anyone who has to ask why this event happened is part of the problem.  The “unIslamic” Islamists are at war with all of Western Civilization.  And Western Civilization is holding the door open for their slaughter.


The response from the current occupier of the White House?  While standing next to the dictator of a vicious communist country, he spends 51 seconds of his speech offering his same ole verbage as he has every other mass casualty terror attack.  Including such memorable lines as: “measured response,” “American values,” “our coalition partners,” and so on.  All while demeaning “Islamaphobia.”  You know, the people who realize the ‘religion of peace’ wants to destroy and slaughter Western Civilization.  

All of this said while the “leader” of the free world stands next to the dictator of a communist nation.  Then sits next to that same dictator at a baseball game as his wife wears an outfit costing 24 times more than the annual salary of the average worker in that same communist country.  Of course the picture of  the White House occupier standing on a stage, with a building size portrait of Che Guevara in the background was just an embarrassment.  What staff member thought that was a good idea?  

More and more we’re lectured by appeasing, leftists who have embraced Islamists who label anyone questioning the “religion of peace,” as “Isamaphobics.”  Yes, the Trojan Horse is here!  Reminds me so much of Sir Winston Churchill’s quote:

“An appeaser is one who feeds the alligator, in hope of being eaten last.” 

Maybe an executive order should be used to stop all exports of Laker’s jerseys to the Middle East.  That way the “JV team” won’t wear them and think they’re Kobe Bryant.


Recently, I had a conversation with personnel still on the job with my beloved Department.  Currently, training revolves around the lessons learned from San Bernardino.  Lots of training time spent on Rapid Deployment/Active Shooter scenarios.  Their chief wants every available rifle qualified officer in the field with their rifles 24/7.  Large capacity, 40-100 round magazines/drums, are now approved.  These rifle magazines can be possessed by officers not rifle qualified, for emergency use.  12 gauge slug shotgun ammunition may be carried by non-slug qualified personnel, again for emergency use.  Also, 30+ round pistol magazines for such handguns as Glocks, are now approved.  The emergency they’re worried about is a San Bernardino, Mumbai, Paris style multiple location/mass shooting/bombing terrorist attack.  It’s being recognized the initial arriving patrol personnel will probably be out-gunned.  It’s about damn time!

They’re geting ready.  Are you?


Anyone reading this who does not believe we are on our own; you are part of the problem.

I’ve said it before and will keep saying it:

1.  NO unnecessary international travel.

2. Keep a high alert posture at all public locations.

3. ALWAYS have a plan to escape any place you are.

4. Be prepared physically and mentally for the fight of your life.

5. Stay armed!

The Trojan Horse has emptied and the gates are being opened from within…

Stay Serious!


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