Personal Firearms Instruction, Inc. (PFI), is a firearms training company created to present comprehensive defensive firearms training to private citizens, law enforcement and military personnel.



Tom Burris, president of PFI, Inc., retired as a sergeant from the Los Angeles Police Department, in 2010, after 31 years of service. He relocated to the Northern Colorado area in 2011. During his career Tom was a certified LAPD firearms instructor for handgun and shotgun. And he was an original member of the LAPD Police Rifle Cadre.

As an officer and sergeant Tom conducted hundreds of hours of in-service tactical & firearms training for divisional patrol and detective personnel; and various specialized units. He also conducted Department wide in-service training for less-lethal “Bean-Bag” shotgun; 45 ACP pistol, Glock pistol, and Remington 870 shotgun transition programs.

Tom has been an affiliate-instructor for Defense Training International for twenty five years. This experience has allowed Tom to train hundreds of civilian, law enforcement and military personnel.



    • Provide contemporary and relevant defensive firearms instruction to citizens, law enforcement and military personnel.

    • Each student receives individualized firearms and tactics training to ensure he/she has obtained the highest level of personal skill.

    • PFI will train each student as though their life depends upon it, because it surely does!